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23022 - Chiavenna (SO) Piazza Caduti per la libertà
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Von Montag bis Samstag: 09:00 - 12:40 und 14:00 - 18:50.
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Traditionen und Handwerke

Di de la Brisaola

Sabato 05 ottobre
dalle ore 18 - centro storico di Chiavenna, anteprime Dì de la Brisaola
con esibizione delle allegre Guggen Band ticinesi per le vie del centro storico.
Aperitivo gourmet speciale brisaola dalle ore 18 alle ore 22 a cura di Associazione Shopping.
I bar di Chiavenna aderenti all´iniziativa proporranno speciali aperitivi a base di brisaola e musica dal vivo durante tutta la serata.
Cena brisaola gourmet a Palazzo Vertemete Franchi 
a cura di Horeca Consulting in collaborazione con Hotel Piuro e Istituto Crotto Caurga.
Solo su prenotazione tel. 0343 32823
...da non ...

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The focaccia that defies gravity

Take in the atmosphere in mid-May at the annual fughiascia celebration and you’ll note immediately how finely-woven this traditional dish is within the cultural, social and historic fabric of Gordona. Mario Zaina is one of the most vocal ...

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Master of his craft

Master of his craft

If you were to “google” the word “pietra ollàre” or indeed “potstone” you’d find endless suggestions on how to use this material for gastronomic purposes. Reminiscent of more than a thousand ...

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I Crotti della Valchiavenna
Alcuni crotti sono aperti al pubblico e sono diventati ristoranti dove viene offerta una cucina genuina e ricca di tradizione in un ambiente tipico a cui non manca un tocco di raffinatezza. Cantine naturali formatesi sotto i massi di antiche frane da cui spira il "sorel", una corrente d´aria a ...
Poets in exile
By Ray Ball “There is no greater sorrow; than to recall a happy time; when miserable.” – Dante Alighieri Dante Alighieri might well have got that right. But over the years it certainly hasn’t stopped artists of every genre from Baudelaire, through to Fellini, Proust, Keats, Joyce and Allen ...
The general name potstone (pietra ollare) is given to different types of medium-fine grained rocks, particularly suited to the carving or turning of pots and bowls (olle). Petrographic analysis of Valchiavenna?s deposits has attributed its stone types to the talco- and chloroscists group, being identified by the naked ...
Crotto Ubiali Style
Within the wide-ranging panorama that characterises all that Chiavenna has to offer on the gastronomic scene, December 2017 saw an important and very welcome new entry. It’s the Crotto Ubiali, a place which draws its inspiration from all things local and where typical crotto cuisine reigns supreme, from ...
In the best possible taste
You can’t really suggest that you know Chiavenna, if you haven’t tasted the fare served up at Al Cenacolo.  It’s a sentiment that might just seem a little over the top, but it does sum up the philosophy that Silvano Scinetti’s restaurant is based on. Tho’ even finding the place is not to be taken for granted. We are ...
The Balgera Bakery maintaining family traditions
At the heart of Chiavenna, three generations of a bakery and pastry shop offers up genuine flavours and aromas of the past. It was the place my grandmother Berenice would send me as a child in search of the very special biscuits for our snacks. It was already “The Balgera” for me as “Mr Luigi” alongside Jolanda – his ...
Agriturismo La Campagnola
A Gordona, l´Agriturismo "La Campagnola" propone una cucina semplice e gustosa, con ingredienti prodotti dall´azienda agricola. La specialità dell’agriturismo “La Campagnola” è senza dubbio la carne. Se vi capiterà di fare una sosta in questo locale - ...
The Scandolera Crotti
The Scandolera Crotti A timeless location where modest buildings with a simple elegance stand within woodland aligned along the slopes that approach the entrance to Val San Giacomo. And it’s really as simple as that. A remarkable cluster of crotti within the district of Mese, and one which the local ...
Taste of autumn: Ristorante La Genzianella
Great welcome, marvellous traditional fare made with local produce. Quality Valtellina wines. Here’s how one of the most popular dishes comes about: Venison Stew (Serves 4) Ingredients 500gm lean venison, 1 carrot, 2 cloves, 1 celery stick, 1 onion, 1 clove of garlic, 2 juniper berries, 1 bay leaf, 1 pinch of ...
Moreschi the home of good taste
A highly convenient stop-off on your way along the SS36 inValchiavenna – much appreciated by regular visitors to the ski slopes at Madesimo and the Engadine. Guests are welcomed by a large car park whilst within boasts a veritable culinary oasis to suit all tastes. Ideal for meals at all times of day with a modern and ...
Crotto Quartino: Simple, healthy and natural
Since it opened in 1930 the Crotto Quartino has always been regarded as a veritable champion of genuine Valchiavenna cuisine. Run by the Salini brothers Mauro and Fabio, the Quartino is open throughout the year serving up delicious traditional fare: savoury sausages and cured meats, pizzoccheri of the valley, ...
Amarena: Uschione's precious resource
Uschione, the tiny hamlet above Chiavenna has just a single resident. No surprise then the tranquillity it offers to families returning for the summer months. Linked by the old mule-track down to Prata, there’s a genuine rustic feel to Uschione and surrounding pastures. History tells of men being forced to leave to ...
Valchiavenna s Crotti
Discovering these extraordinar y natural cold stores   One of the most distinctive features - given their general rarity - in Valchiavenna , are the crotti and their proliferation locally. They’ve played an extraordinary socio-cultural role over many centuries. Today they remain a vital element within the world of ...

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