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23022 - Chiavenna (SO) Piazza Caduti per la libertà
T 0343 37485
F 0343 37361

Von Montag bis Samstag: 09:00 - 12:40 und 14:00 - 18:50.
Sonntag und Feiertagen: 10:00 - 12:00 und 14:30 - 18:00.


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Das Valchiavenna im Winter

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Prevendita stagione 2019 2020

E´ ora di pensare all´inverno!
Dal lunedì 21.10.2019 fino a domanica 03.11.2019 sarà acquistabile la prevendita skipass stagionale 2019/2020.

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Snowmobile Excursions

Snowmobile Excursions 

Madesimo welcomes you with more than 70 kilometres of trails dedicated exclusively to snowmobiles. A vast snow-laden parkland awaits within which you can head off on guided ...

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An enduring romance

An enduring romance 
With its impressive history and commitment to quality over the years it’s no surprise that even that most influential of English newspapers The Guardian has pointed up our local Alpine resort as amongst ...

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A passion for the freshness of snows
A passion for the freshness of snows?   Check out your awareness of which are the key tools to keep you safe when going off-piste on skis, snowboard or telemark. Off-piste skiing is not straightforward, Snow conditions away from the standard piste are invariably changeable and you really need to know how to adapt ...
Fun and games
Fun and games By Annarosa Parisi   Learning through play, a revolutionary medium, and perhaps even a little “off the wall” is a prime example of divergent thinking, rooted in the principle of using games as a means of education for both mind and body. Even we ski instructors make good use of it nowadays, especially ...
Pure magic
Pure magic    The mountains have finally abandoned their autumn shades and adopted the purest of winter mantles. The little streets of Madesimo have come alive again and the ski slopes are awash with the would-be sportive of all shapes and sizes. There are a host of events to look forward to in this most ...
Madepark: bigger, better, crazier!
Right on cue for the winter season Madesimo reveals new initiatives within its much appreciated Snowpark. The area devoted to thrills, spills and acrobatics has been hugely expanded almost tripling the original space available and incorporating a range of new facilities. Excellent news for visitors looking for bigger ...
Fly with us heliski in vallespluga
La nostra proposta di Heliski vuole regalare a tutti i partecipanti delle Emozioni che possono nascere sciando dei pendii vergini lontani dalle Sky Aree. Lontani dalle piste e lontani dalla routine. Our Heliski offer wants to give at all the participants the emotions of skiing on the virgin slopes far from the Ski ...
Ski Rental
Noleggio sci ad un passo dalle piste.   Lo sci è una disciplina appassionante che può essere declinata in un’infinità di forme e modi. C’è chi ama le curve strette, chi i bordi lunghi e rotondi, chi predilige la neve fresca e infine chi ama surfare tra ...
Snowboard passion
If you weren’t already aware – Valchiavenna’s just up the road from Milan and in winter opens up all sorts of snow-orientated possibilities whilst cradling you in the arms of a wild and unspoilt Nature. Right here you can leave everyday stresses well behind and devote yourself entirely to the peace and ...
High as a kite
Constant wind, a kite, a pair of skis or a board and bags of fresh snow. That’s all anyone needs to practise snow-kiting, an exhilarating discipline which for some years now has been taking the Alpine arc by storm, including the Valle Spluga region. I began to ride the snow towed along by my kite some years ago ...
Flying high in Vallespluga
Winter’s at the door and there’s always something new taking off in the upper mountains of Valle Spluga. Take speedriding. This new adventure has rather crept up on us over the last couple of years but has now become a considerable force within our Alpine corner. Acquarela, ...
Bondeno or bust on snow racquets
There are countless trails for hikers throughout Valle Spluga all year round, whether for the casual excursionist or indeed the connoisseur. Anyone in search of broader horizons and moments of quiet reflection away from the mayhem of the city will not be disappointed here, immersed within the extraordinary silence ...
Salta la Coda
VALCHIAVENNA CARD SALTA LA CODA!   Potrai ricaricare il tuo skipass online, ed essere il primo sulle piste senza passare dalla biglietteria. PER TE UNO SCONTO DEL 5% SULL´ACQUISTO DELLO SKIPASS   In più tante offerte e promozioni dedicate solo ai possessori della ...
Tanto divertimento per i più piccoli
Baby park “Larici” Il Park è situato a ridosso dell’omonimo rifugio, all’arrivo della cabinovia che parte da Madesimo. Un comodo tapis roulant trasporta i bimbi e gli accompagnatori in vetta alla pista, nel massimo della sicurezza.  A pochi metri invece troverete il Ristoro ...
Simply sensational: ice climbing
Perhaps the most striking natural phenomenon I’ve ever witnessed was on a frozen waterfall during a desperate January with the most extraordinary ‘lion’ sculpture dominating all below. A splendid example of frozen water creating its very own art form. I wasn’t tempted to climb up and say hello, but here’s someone who ...
Ski Zone Madesimo Campodolcino Valchiavenna
Mehr Schnee, näher und nie mehr lange Wartezeiten. Neue Pisten, neue schnelle Skianlagen. Die Skizone Madesimo Valchiavenna befindet sich nur 138 Kilometer von Mailand entfernt, ganz in der Nähe der Schweizer Grenze. Die Skizone liegt auf 1550 Meter Höhe und erreicht mit den Seilbahnanlagen die Höhe von 2948 ...
Within nature itself
Cross-country skiing is a fine alternative to the on-piste action, and an excellent opportunity to maintain your fitness. Cycling and running might not have such appeal during the winter months but heading off along trails on narrow skis remains open to all. But it is worth doing a ...
Snowmobile excursion
Your english correspondent writing here never ceases to be amazed at the possibilities each new winter season throws up for visitors to Madesimo. Naturally there are the classic outings on snow racquets, long descents on the fantastic slopes within the vast Skiarea, but if the winter ‘faithful’ look a little further ...
Fat bikes to the fore
In Alpine areas there’s a new cr aze with a view to enjoying the mountains with a verv e and passion within a rather different discipline. It goes under the name of Fat-bike, and represents the latest trend to consume the Alpine regions during the winter season. Anyone who hangs around specialist fairs or shops ...
Ski mountainering at Montespluga
More and more athletes are turning to ski mountaineering to get their kicks! Among the numerous upper regions of Valchiavenna that attract a committed group of enthusiasts every springtime, the magnificent peaks that surround Montespluga prove irresistible year on year. ...
Andossi by Snow Racquet
Foto: Roberto Moiola Valle Spluga presents a whole host of possible outings on snow racquet. Silence within larch woodland or moving along the mountain slopes at 2000m: anyone who enjoys getting out and about at the very heart of nature is simply spoilt for choice. The area around Andossi is one of the most ...
Free ride a Madesimo
When I contact Martin Soderqvist, he’s in rather a different environment than I expect – there are children in the background equally interested in his attention. He’s on domestic duties at home in Sweden – just outside Gothenburg in fact – but nevertheless very much considering his global winter appointments that he ...
The Canalone
It is possible to present a ski-run as an artistic work, without resorting tom dull prose? I think it is: If you were to fly over it in a helicopter, it would look like one of those ordinary gullies which cross these mountains, and nothing to boats of in a any way as extraordinary or magnificent. If, however, you went ...
Ski excursion on high: Val Loga
The southern peak of Val Loga, at Montespluga is a favourite with ski excursionists and comes highly recommended because of the magnificent views within a particularly striking Alpine environment. The peak forms a veritable ‘jewel’ in the crown which dominates the basin in which the village of Montespluga sits. Val ...
Pizzo Badile in wintertime
Just outside Chiavenna, heading towards Val Bregaglia the profile of mountain with a capital M looms large on the horizon. The North West wall of Pizzo Badile -unmistakeable for its imposing beauty. Each season it presents a quite different and yet always special challenge. Living rock in summertime, a massive grey ...
Un and away in Valle Spluga
The abundance of snow this year has created the perfect conditions for all those who love strapping on the skins and heading onwards and upwards.  Valle Spluga in springtime is the ideal venue and provides excellent sporting opportunities. With such a thick blanket of snow deposited on the ...
Outings on snow racquets at Madesimo
SNOW RACQUET TRAILS AROUND MADESIMO   Starting point: on the pathway which runs alongside the river, from the wooden bridge in front of the residence “Alla Gran Baita” Arrival point: Via Brenta Itinerary: the route moves up gradually from the centre of Madesimo to the Alpe Andossi, initially into ...
On snow racquets
ISOLA – VAL FEBBRARO – BORGHETT O One of the most memorable outings on snow rackets has to be that which takes in Val Febbraro with its highly evocative corners. There’s tranquillity, time for contemplation but within the silence of all things natural it boasts a wealth of culture and history. There are a range ...
Telemark: a natural elegance
Ski slopes accommodate all sorts of shapes and styles. Fluid and invariably arching gently. Enthusiasts of free heel skiing though talk excitedly about a particular historic and yet increasingly popular form: telemark. So what’s it all about? A discipline simply involving sliding along which was ‘discovered’ ...
Siete amanti del kitesurf non volete lasciare l´aquilone appeso al chiodo fino alla prossima stagione estiva? Vi siete stancati delle code domenicali alle funivie o alle seggiovie delle skiaree? Non avete voglia di camminare tante ore per poi godervi un´emozionante ma unica discesa in fuoripista? Per ...
Ice Skating in Chiavenna
Fancy getting back on the ice? Look no further than Chiavenna’s magnificent sports centre. Winter’s well on the way and with it the skating rink near Pratogiano has burst back onto the scene. Great news for beginners and experts alike. The covered facility means that this fantastic discipline continues whatever the ...
The Flying Circus in back
Acquarela is a seriously complex Kaleidoscopic observation platform for observing the diversity of the human condition. But at the same time it’s a sort of ideal, albeit make-believe, world. A short circuit of alternate energy, the ebb and flow of Alpine conscience, a meeting place for small cuddly bears; all in all a ...
Fraciscio a genuine Alpine heaven
What intrigues the first-time visitor to Fraciscio in winter, a small village at 1300m, just above Campodolcino, is its rather isolated nature, somewhat hidden away compared to the more classic destinations for tourists within Valle Spluga. On the right flank of the valley as you climb up, the village is regarded as ...
Winter destination: Lendine
From the point of view of an excursion, Alpe di Lendine is regarded as a captivating prospect, a rare beauty. Particularly in wintertime. Rooftops of the little mountain dwellings covered in a thick white mantle present a delightful scenario, with the peaks above completely dominant and the pass inviting you over to ...
If you form part of that breed of person that dreams of flying down magnificent virgin slopes on skis at break-neck speed, then you’re probably just the type to appreciate the thrills and excitement of eliski. In Valchiavenna, Blossom Experience offers just such opportunities. Trips in helicopters to the most ...

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