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Organic mountain viticulture

In Chiavenna, at the foot of the Pianazzola slopes, an innovative vine variety has been flourishing for some years now, highly original in its sector, and from which an extraordinary wine is produced.
Chiavenna and the terraces of Pianazzola have been the setting in recent years for considerable experimentation within the oenological field. All on the basis of quality. Of prestige. And among the latest protagonists of winemaking the Balze Grigie label of Chiavenna now features prominently. This particular project started in 2009 with the reclaiming of a terraced area on the lower levels of the Pianazzola slopes. Setting out without any grandiose pretensions the initiative has been allowed to structure itself over time into a more ambitious business model concentrating on the cultivation of unconventional vines.

The visionary champion - Giancarlo Geronimi - a professional who lives and works in the town, was later to be joined by his uncle and an architect friend from Valmadrera. But nothing is improvised. On the contrary the genesis and creation of Balze Grigie have been carefully prepared. Research and in-depth analysis, led by experts in the sector, have made it possible to draft the profile of a much sought-after organic wine production, of a rather particular type, but always embarking along a well-defined path towards quality. A niche project for sure which involves - at least for now - one and a half hectares of cultivated ground.

The landscape: Balze Grigie - which owes its name to the terraced vineyards and the colour of the granite rock of the crags - is not merely an interesting wine experiment. The recovery of this large agricultural area reclaimed for planting, has made it possible to take full advantage of the historic terracing, returning them to their original function as well as restoring valuable safety measures. It undoubtedly brings a positive aspect to the general panorama that the slopes of Pianazzola throw up, in an area now regarded as rather special by a further two wine producers. "The satisfaction is two-fold" explains Giancarlo Geronimi when we ask him to evaluate further, "in the first place Balze Grigie has made it possible to recover and promote the vineyard cultivated by my grandmother and before her by great grandmother born in 1870. Alongside my two fellow companions we embarked on an extraordinary adventure and have now established a fully-fledged Agricultural company, sharing an ambition to create a highly original wine for our territory produced from pinot noir grapes through organic procedures. A dream that is becoming a reality for us. A revolution of a sort, on which we would like to build something unique and rewarding, and especially for those who enjoy a decent glass". The first bottles of Balze Grigie are available on the official website and in the Enoteca La Specola in Chiavenna. 


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